Messaggio di M Shadows riguardo il GOM

Dopo gli spiacevoli eventi verificatesi al Gods Of Metal, per chi non lo sapesse la band è stata ricoperta di insulti e lanci di bottiglie; Matt  ha voluto scrivere un messaggio sul myspace della band, nella maniera pacata ed educata che lo contraddistingue.

Ecco cosa ha scritto:

Whats up guys?
We just started the tour with Maiden and I hear a lot of you guys are getting really worked up about the shows.
Lets start with Norway, it was our first time there and we were blown away by the support we received.
We can’t wait to come back on this tour with Maiden in a few weeks and see you all again.

As for Italy, it was our first time opening up directly for Maiden. Now just so you’re clear, when we took this tour we knew it was going to be hard and we knew that Iron Maiden fans were very dedicated people. So when we heard a “Sevenfold” chant before we hit the stage we knew it would cause a stir with the crowd, but it made us proud and really got us excited about our fans over in Italy. We heard horror stories about opening for “Maiden.” Everything from standing backwards on stage so that the trash coming from the audience didn’t hit you in the face to having bottles filled with piss thrown at your head. So after the show we felt pretty good about everything since we got to play for a lot of people and we got to see how many great fans we had there representing.
So when you go to these shows don’t get upset if people don’t understand just yet what Avenged Sevenfold is all about. We are not a straight up metal band that is catering to their audience, we do our own thing and thats why we have so many dedicated fans.

We did this same thing 2 years ago with Metallica, the difference then was that we had 40k kids a night with their arms crossed and not many fans. Now we are feeling the love from you guys and the one thing this tour is proving to us is that we need to come back and headline for you all after this is over. So the point is we are having a great time at the shows, and you should too. Don’t get all upset about a couple bottles being thrown, next year half those kids may have A7X on their IPOD and we could be their new favorite band. Like I said, we knew what we were signing up for and we are glad so many of you are supporting us through this tour. You are some passionate motherfuckers! See ya’ll soon!


Stiamo raccogliendo tutto il materiale del GOM. Ci vorrà un po’ perché è tanto. Abbiate pazienza, ne rimarrete soddisfatti!
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