Intervista di Matt a Metal Hammer

Il nostro frontman ha rilasciato un’intervista a Metal Hammer, che vi riportiamo qui:

Avenged Sevenfold recorded new single Carry On especially for the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game, and even make a cheeky cameo appearance in the game itself. We collared singer M Shadows to find out what the hell was going on – and get an update on the new album!
“We had a relationship with Activision for a while, and they knew I was a big fan of Call Of Duty years ago,” explains the frontman. “I went in and met all the guys who developed the game and they asked me to do a song for Black Ops 1, which I did! Then a couple of years later they started Black Ops 2 and started throwing around ideas of putting us in the game.
“Eventually they called us about being in the end credits and doing Carry On for them. It was perfect timing for us, because we weren’t ready for the new record yet, but we wanted to do something for our fans and something fun, quick and painless, but something that we wanted to be involved in.
“If someone asked us to be in a game that we don’t play or know much about, we’d probably have reservations about it, but like I said, I’ve been playing Call Of Duty for years, and to be a part of something that we truly enjoy was a no-brainer for us.”
When asked how it felt seeing himself as a video game character, Shadows adds, “It’s a trip! It’s crazy! We had to do all this motion-capture and play a gig to nobody, but we didn’t get to see anything until the game came out. You saw it when I saw it!”
And is it possible to look rock ‘n’ roll in one of those motion capture suits?
“Ha ha ha! Well let’s just hope that those pictures don’t leak. All of us running around in skin-tight mo-cap suits is not a pretty sight.”
We also asked him whether he felt Carry On reflected where the band are musically at the moment.
“I would look at it as a one-off, and to tell the truth it sounds nothing like the album,” he admits. “This song had to be done quick, and it couldn’t be a long song, and we wanted to make it fun. The new album has a lot more of a Sabbath/Zeppelin feel to it than Carry On. There’s definitely more Sabbath in what we’re writing, and we’re proud of Carry On, but this album is going to be on a whole new level.
“We’re halfway through [writing the new album],” he continues. “We’re shooting for late January-early February [to head into the studio] and to have the album out in the Summer. I’m pretty sure, with what I’ve been told already, we’re looking to go overseas first, so you guys will be seeing it before everyone else!”
We cannot fucking wait. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 is out now, while a new Avenged Sevenfold album will emerge next year.

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