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G1 ha intervistato Matt approposito anche del ritorno della band in sudamerica per il prossimo Rock In Rio. Deathbatnews ha tradotto l’intervista in inglese perchè sia leggermente più comprensibile a tutti -la trovate qua sotto- per la traduzione vi invitiamo a controllare il nostro forum fra qualche ora!
After playing in Brazil on 2008, 2010 and 2011, Avenged Sevenfold confirmed their next concert here. The hard rock group was announced as the ‘Rock In Rio’ special guest and will be playing on 22th September, the “metal day”, with Iron Maiden.
In a interview for G1, the lead singer reveals until the festival they will have already released a new album. It will be the band’s 6th album since their career debut on 1999. However, they will not completely change the repertoire, already approved by Brazilians who stuck in a black shirt to watch the quintet in one of the previous tours. “Let’s play what the public want to hear. If the new album is in their interest, we’ll play … If they only want to listen to old stuff, let’s just play old stuff,” says Matthew Sanders, better known by the codename M. Shadows. See the main parts of the interview by phone:
G1 – You will play with Iron Maiden. Do you like it? Are there fans in common?
M. Shadows – I love Iron Maiden. We’ve done some touring with them in Europe. We are part of that case that each one has its specific fan base, but there are many people who like the two bands. Who has the passion for metal like this kind of sound. Can’t wait to be part of this festival. Luckily, I know the Brazilian fans of Iron Maiden like our music.
G1 – In this fourth time coming to South America, will you only play at Rock in Rio or are there chances of more concerts in other cities?
M. Shadows – We’re talking to Metallica and Iron Maiden to know what they will do before and after the Rock in Rio. So, there’s chance to take the fall and make at least two more shows. We are still seeing this …
G1 – After The Rev (killed by accidental overdose in 2009) and Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Arin Ilejay was called. It’s a young drummer, 24 years. Now that he’s in the band for a long time, do you feel he has reached the level of Rev and Mike?
M. Shadows – Rev was a phenomenon. He always had the beat and timing for each song. And he was also a composer, a brilliant singer … Mike is a legend of the drums, he is an incredible musician. Arin was a bet of ours, he was a young boy. He is doing very well. He can play any kind of heavy rock. When we come to Rock in Rio, we will have already released a new album. Arin will be even better.
G1 – You will mix old and new songs, or more songs from the album?
M. Shadows – Let’s play what the audience wants to hear. If the new album is in their interest, we will play … If they only want to listen to old stuff, let’s just play old stuff [Laughs] We were not locked into a plan. The new album is still in the embryonic stage. We just have bases, not even lyrics. We’re trying to pick up the pieces.
G1 – You’ve reached the top of the list of best selling albums in the United States. How is it to be popular without making pop music?
M. Shadows – It is possible, and we are not the only example. Iron Maiden and Metallica are two of the greatest bands of all time and pass away from pop. Pantera was well on the charts and has one of the best selling albums of all time. You have to build a fan club, have to know to do a good job in the alternative scene and then know how to grow up. Pop music listeners will not buy our records. We just want to play heavy rock.
G1 – Six years ago, you beat Rihanna and Chris Brown at the MTV Music Awards when you won Best New Artist. How was that night? Today, is it more difficult for a rock artist to get an award like that?
M. Shadows – In those days, winning was very important to us. Today, playing at a festival with Iron Maiden and Metallica means more to me than any winning on MTV. Before, the rock had the strength that pop music is today. We have to keep doing what we do, no matter what is on the charts. Fads come and go.
G1 – All the band members use stage names. Why do you choose nicknames?
M. Shadows – [Laughs] We were fans of musicians and several of them had nicknames such as Slash, for example. We were very young, we have different names and hence the idea caught on. It’s something fun, part of the rock universe … Write and play is the priority, of course. Let’s getting old and less care about the image that the band has.
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