Lista dei batteristi che hanno influenzato lo stile di Arin

Arin ha stilato una lista per Rhythm Magazine in cui parla dei batteristi che hanno influenzato il suo stile.
Tra questi non poteva mancare The Rev descritto come colui che lo ha “introdotto” nel mondo del metal

The Rev (Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan) was the person that got me into metal. There weren’t any metal drummers that drew me in until him. Jimmy’s parts are amazing so [on joining the band] being already a fan of Jimmy – he’s one of my favourite drummers – I wanted to do his parts right, you know? So I was like, “I’m going to do these parts right, this is what I’m good at, this is what I do.”

Inoltre parla anche della composizione delle sue parti in Hail to the King, spiegando che avrebbe voluto creare delle parti folli ma la band voleva qualcosa di diverso per questo album

“On Hail To The King, along with all of our fans, I thought I was going to be writing the craziest drum parts for that record, something to fill the shoes with The Rev. But the band wanted me to create my own sound and legacy. They wanted me to dumb it down and play caveman-like and spaced out, with big fills that support the music. I was bummed out about that at first but it helped to have heard drummers like Lars. Hopefully for the next album we have kicked around the idea of having some crazy fills.”

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