Servizio fotografico di Jimmy per la Pro-mark

Durante l’ultima visita dei Sevenfold a Tampa, per un concerto, la Pro-Mark ha chiesto al fotografo Will Hawkins di scattare delle foto professionali a Jimmy.
Scattate a febbraio, sono state rilasciate adesso

Questo è quel che Hawkins ha scritto nel blog in merito alla giornata:

‘My client, Promark Drumsticks, has me shoot each of their artists as they pass through town, in addition to covering their artists at other major events and trade shows. Kevin Radomski at Promark was excited to hear that Avenged Sevenfold would be coming to Tampa – which meant that their drummer, Promark endorsing artists, The Rev, would be here!
Emails were sent, calls were made, texts were exchanged – and the shoot was arranged.
Shoot day came and I lugged my gear out to the amphitheatre.
This was another shoot, like my Mike Portnoy or Dave Lombardo shoots, where we were working with difficult time constraints. In the end, the entire shoot was just under 3 minutes.
Avenged Sevenfold’s crew, Tour Manager Diony, and The Rev’s drum tech were all very helpful in arranging access and any assistance that we might need.
The shooting constraints were very difficult – no time, no space, no equipment! The Rev’s drum kit was already on stage, wedged between a heavy stage curtain and the back wall of the stage. We could barely get a few people back there!
Luckily, the kind of shot that Promark needs doesn’t call for big sets, equipment, full lighting – Promark runs a couple types of photos in their artist centered ads – artists playing live, and artists in their own element with Promark gear. For most artists, the latter means shooting an artist at the kit. It always means shooting them with Promark drumsticks.
Although it sounds like a very basic format, it is amazing how much personality can show through a face & a drumstick.
Prior to the shoot itself, the Avenged crew, myself, and my lovely assistant went back to the kit for a runthrough.
Working within the limitations, we decided that the best setup in this pitch-black, tight space would be one that involves lighting coming up through the drumheads and some frontal lighting.
Shoot time came, The Rev was escorted out to the kit. Like a machine, we began working, a couple minutes passed, we thanked The Rev & crew, and the mission was accomplished!