Intervista di Matt su Kerrang!

Un lettore di DeathbatNews ha aiutato tutti i fans del mondo ed è stato così carino da inviare la parte riguardante le “rivelazioni sul nuovo cd” promesse sulla copertina del nuovo Kerrang!
Ecco quindi l’intervista:

Frontman M Shadows has told Kerrang! that the band are set for a break… to write their new record!

“We’ll do this run of shows and then we’ll take some time off, ” M Shadows says of the bands forthcoming North American gigs which include a performance at Metallica’s Orion Festival. “It won’t be like a hiatus – we’re just going to slowly write the next record and then when we’re ready we’ll record it.”
“To tell you the truth, we have some very cool things in the works that I can’t talk about right now,” continues the singer. “We’re going to be doing something that no other band has ever done. The fans will be very happy!”
All of this, of course, means the band will be hidden away from public view for a while – and M Shadows says it could be a year before the band are back in the UK.
“This is our time to get back into Avenged Sevenfold, and I’m sure by next summer it’ll all be going again,” he explains. “We’ll probably come over to the UK and the first thing we do will be festivals. Last years tour and Download were so amazing, we decided to leave it at that. But we’ll come back with the new record and make it really special!”

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