Today I saw my brother
Into hell, for evermore
Choice there was no other
I’m sad to say, it’s not the last time
I look into your body
Fill you up with enemies
It’s wave, oh, for the next life
I don’t know if I alone want you
She says what about my story time
Afraid, a little side of it is under spy
Some will eventually go out and die.
I think he really wants to die.
I don’t really want to die
I think he really swallowed
Raise it up to the lord,
If I die tomorrow, try to pull on me
Come to me with nothing
Watch you bleed, forever more
Soon he runs into his time, holding on
Choices on my own tongue
I’m strong enough, such I can deem, of
There is so long here.
It’s not enough for the last time
I look into your body,
Fill you up with enemies,
It’s wave oh for the next life
I don’t know if I alone want you.
Saket has some better things to hug you by my time
I went for the study of the evil souls and I wish they replied
Well, I sat down on your stone and I talked with you for a while
And did you think that it was worth it
It’s burnin on its head
And I won’t believe this even happens here
I won’t rest until you bloody
Sanest, darn this, I can’t get you out of sight
You’re fucking fault
Sick for ya, sign of amaze
Sick for ya, you’ll be numbing for days
For the way, these mother fuckers never fail.
Sick for ya
So, sick for ya