Nosferatu does an hefty dance

Deep inside of the mind of the damned
Lies a dark memory of a man
Once moved in sight
Swing on in light
Now in the darkenss, spills black,
spills the blood of life/light
And on and on my little one sleeps
I don’t know happiness *Indiscernible*
Centuries loved
Lifetimes behind
Solitude, sanity slowly unwind
Moves become thoughts. Thought become dream
If only in life I’d been *Indiscernible* it could’ve been *Indiscernible*
And on and on my little on sleeps I don’t know happiness *Indiscernible*
Falling, falling and falling and falling.
Falling apart.
Six things wrong and six things right
So he hold himself from the town, even the light
The voyage holds cryptic thoughts of terrible light
He would never tell.
Spends a moment, as through pleasure, rather, when he slaves away
And I can only blame forever
Kneeing your knees for me!
I took you down and spit my blood out
[But when they freeze me I may scream]
*Indiscernible* Never leave *Indiscernible* never *Indiscernible* never
Now he’s just one simple step away
We’ll bath’n my blood tonight
*indiscernible* [Don’t know how long…]
Yes you will,
See all my sins to life
Profit from pain
What do we do with him?
Shut him!
(I can’t feel me!)
Tie him up!
(Oh my god!)
That’s it boy, (Latch on!) Come to me (Fuckin leach!)
He’s my prey! (You’re not the fuckin balmist)
Stop the pleading/bleeding (Embalm me!)
Insert it!
Tell me I don’t know where?
Right here! Numb us of all!
We already broke its law!
You are/around *indiscernible*
The power, and teachings,
a slave to, once you steal
(want him opened)
Nothing (once you’ve got a taste…) we feel (…of cold punch…)
can ever (..the more punch you need) be real! (I should give it up)