Gli A7X nella classifica di OC Weekly

OC Weekly ha pubblicato una classifica con la Top 25 delle band migliori di tutti i tempi dell’OC, e gli Avenged si sono piazzati al 10 posto:

10. Avenged Sevenfold
This Huntington Beach four-piece occupy a weird space in the annals of OC metal, or metalcore, whatever you want to call it. Despite being rejected by the majority of old-school metal fans (i.e. anyone with a sleeveless denim jacket, a Napalm Death concert stub and tattoos older than you), Avenged Sevenfold have one of the most rabid young fan bases in the game. Coming up alongside the brutal shredding of colleagues like Eighteen Visions and Atreyu, the band dubbed A7X were one of the first bands to really embrace a more glammed-out ’80s resurgence of noodling guitar riffs, guy-liner, and a ghoulish identity that had a touch more humor than the blood-splattering, gut ripping aesthetic perfected by metal bands of old. You could say they’ve become the official bro band of their home city, but then again a lot of those lifted truck jockeys don’t appreciate just how musically proficient these guys are. Despite the untimely death of drummer James “The Rev” Sullivan, vocalist Matthew “M.Shadows” Sanders and company have persevered. To date, they’ve sold more than 4 million albums worldwide. What can we say, obviously someone’s diggin’ it.

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