Zacky nel documentario "Who killed (or saved) the music industry"

Come ci dicono i colleghi di Deathbat News, che hanno seguito questo progetto fin dall’inizio, è finalmente uscito il trailer di questo documentario, diretto da Ryan Phillips (“Story of the year”), e Adam Russell, e prodotto da John Oakes, della Synergy Global Entrainment. Il trailer include spezzoni di interviste, che saranno poi complete nel vero e proprio film, con esperti dell’industria musicale e membri delle band, tra cui anche il nostro Zacky.
Potete saperne di più sul progetto, visitando questi link utili:
Future Machine Creative.
Pagina Facebook del documentario.
Il documentario dovrebbe essere rilasciato in Autunno 2013.

The music industry has changed significantly during the last 20 years. In the early 1990s, the sales of records and number of fans attending concerts were at an all time high. Everyone from the major label executives to the roadies were enjoying the success. Today, with the explosion of the Internet, online social platforms and ever evolving digital technologies, there are new communication, production and distribution channels for music. These factors have reconfigured the possibilities for everyone involved.
Many have seen dramatic revenue loss, and lucrative careers diminish or disappear altogether. Some blame technology, some blame consumers, still others blame the record companies. Conversely, many people are profiting in ways they couldn’t have conceived of decades ago, and others are just starting their careers while looking forward to the future.
The tentatively titled is a documentary that explores the history, current landscape, and future of the music business. Highlighting many viewpoints, the film will feature candid interviews with musicians and industry professionals from around the world including artists, songwriters, producers, lawyers, agents, managers, consumer brands and others.

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