Canzoni inedite dei Pinkly Smooth

Durante un’intervista del 2010, Brian ha ammesso di avere un sacco di materiale inedito registrato da lui e Jimmy, sia per i Pinkly Smooth che per “piacere personale”.
Ha anche affermato che un giorno, probabilmente, verrà tutto pubblicato e che sicuramente la cosa farebbe molto piacere anche alla famiglia di Jimmy.

Speaking of material created by you. “In all his years as a musician have you recorded some songs just for you? If so … are they seeing the light some day?
– (Laughs) Yes, I have enough material in my particular notebook and it sure will come out somehow. Now we are very focused on our thing but when the tide of A7X lowers I’ll sure release that other stuff I have been keeping to myself. I am convinced that his family ( the Sullivans) would love to hear it and that this will help to extend the legacy of the great moments I lived with my good friend Jimmy in my personal studio.