Chris Jericho parla degli Avenged Sevenfold

Chris Jericho, leader dei Fozzy, è stato recentemente intervistato da Zoiksonline. Tra le domande fatte, una riguardava la sua opinione personale riguardo alla scena rock/metal attuale negli USA. Risponde parlando degli Avenged Sevenfold definendoli come la cosa migliore accaduta alla musica metal negli ultimi anni.

‘Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal has always been under ground. People say its a tough time for heavy metal, well it’s always been a tough time for heavy metal. There’s always the bands that are gonna play the arenas. There will be the bands that come close and not make it. I think Avenged Sevenfold is the best thing to happen to heavy rock music in years. Not only is it the music they play, but it’s not screaming, it’s not shit vocals there’s great harmonies and great guitar solos. I think Avenged had a huge say in bringing back the guitar solo. The Avenged show is a throw back to the big arena rock shows of the early nineties late eighties like Iron Maiden or Metallica. When You get a band like Avenged who hits it big, it goes to show that there is still an audience for heavy metal. You just have to have the right band. You have to be doing something that’s different from what everyone else is doing and Avenged has done that. The audience are there, but not for every band. Yes hard rock is under the microscope right now, but it always has been. I remember listening to heavy metal in 1985 and nobody liked it, in 1996 nobody liked it, in 2006 nobody liked it. It’s always the bastard child of the music world, but that’s why its such an amazing family of fans. If you’re a metal fan you’re instantly friends with everybody else that’s a metal fan because we are kind of the outcasts, the uncool people but with in our world there is nothing cooler and more loyal than fans of their favorite bands.’

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