AXS: Cinque canzoni metal spezza cuori

Continuano le classifiche a tema per (l’ormai passato) San Valentino. Axs ne ha creata un’altra con 5 delle migliori canzoni “spezza-cuori” della scena metal, tra cui troviamo al 5° posto Unholy Confessions

The quintet from Orange County have many genre crossing love songs. But none are quite as heartbreaking as “Unholy Confessions.” This monster, breakthrough metal ballad defined A7X’s early career and showed the world the emotional depth they could have, while still kicking ass. This track disguises its feelings with some incredible breakdowns and aggressive vocals, but beneath the surface lies a broken heart with smudged eyeliner.

The feels: “Confided in me was your heart – I know it’s hurting you, but it’s killing me.”

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