Recap Tinley Park 28-07-2023

Dopo aver dovuto annullare la data di Clarkston a causa del maltempo e dell’alta concentrazione di fulmini sulla zona che non rendeva sicura l’area del concerto, la band ha ripreso il LIBAD tour esibendosi a Tinley Park in Illinois.
Stavolta la band è riuscita ad esibirsi per un pelo perchè proprio alla fine del concerto il temporale è peggiorato anche in quella zona!

La setlist eseguita è la stessa e pare che non verrà variata almeno per questa leg di tour:

1. Game Over
2. Mattel
3. Afterlife
4. Hail to the King
5. We Love You
6. Buried Alive
7. The Stage
8. So Far Away
9. Nobody
10. Nightmare
11. Bat Country
12. Unholy Confessions
13. A Little Piece of Heaven
14. G
15. (O)rdinary
16. (D)eath
Life Is But a Dream…

Vi lasciamo con un video dello show e qualche foto amatoriale:

foto tinley park 2023 foto tinley park 2023 foto tinley park 2023 foto tinley park 2023

Per completezza di informazioni vi copiamo anche il messaggio di Matt scritto su Discord a proposito dello show cancellato:

Here is a little breakdown about what happened tonight and why it went down this way.

At the end of the day Live Nation, the venue and Ticketmaster want the show to go on at all costs. It’s a huge hassle for them to have a show cancelled like this but there are some guidelines that they must follow for peoples safety. Im sure we can all agree that if people were being struck by lightening at concerts we would hold the promoter accountable. So the rule is whenever lightening is within a five mile radius of this venue the show must be stopped for 30 min and people need to “shelter in place”. So that means the lawn must return to their cars. After 30 min the venue’s rule is to allow an additional 30 min to get everyone back in the venue and the show can continue. Meanwhile, these guys are on w weather experts and watching storms come through the whole time. You never really know if something is going to go around you or hit you dead on. So they watch these things closely.

The show has set times that are clearly defined. Meaning, we can’t go on at 7pm to miss the storm when we are advertised for 9:10. People would be pissed. So the show goes on as planned and we watch the weather carefully.
As you’ll notice, there was lightening around 5 o clock, which pushed back doors. As soon as the 30 min was up they opened doors. At that time we were fairy confident that the storm was moving around us and would miss the venue.
At 8:45 or so lightening hit a couple miles away from the venue. 30 min went into effect. At 9:15 people were coming back in and we were gonna hit the stage around 9:45. The city even extended the curfew for us to 11:30. Shortly after everyone got back in more lightening struck. Which was going to add another hour onto the start time…even if we got back on stage after that hour with no more lightening… we would have only had 30 min to play. So live nation decided it was better to reschedule. Hind sight is always 20/20. Everyone at the venue, live nation and the band wanted this show to happen. It just wasn’t possible tonight and honestly, peoples safety comes first…even if they don’t wanna hear it. We def have sympathy for feeling shitty though… we feel the same way.