Entrata in studio della band e dettagli sul nuovo CD

Gli Avenged Sevenfold hanno confermato il loro rientro in studio il mese prossimo, con un album dai toni ‘groove’, che seguirà a Nightmare. NME ha parlato con M. Shadows, che ha confermato l’inizio delle registrazioni a gennaio.
Ecco qui l’intervista:

Avenged Sevenfold have confirmed that they will be in the studio next month to record the follow-up album to their 2010 album ‘Nightmare’
Singer M Shadows confirmed to NME that their sixth album is almost ready to record: “This album’s a little more groove orientated,” he said. “There’s a little bit more groove to it, a little bit more focused on bigger riffs. So that’s where it’s headed – every song has gotta have a huge riff and every song has to have a groove to it.”
The California metallers have also written a new song called ‘Carry On’, which appears on Call Of Duty Black Ops II and features the band performing the song as digital characters during the end credits.
Speaking about the game, M Shadows revealed that the band were “really honoured to be made into, you know, immortalised on a video game”. He added: “At the same time, it’s really cool that it’s on the Call Of Duty game ‘cause we’re big fans of the game.”
Scroll down to watch the video of Avenged Sevenfold in Call Of Duty Black Ops II.
Avenged Sevenfold released their debut album ‘Sounding The Seventh Trumpet’ in 2001. It was followed up by 2003’s ‘Waking The Fallen’, 2004’s ‘City Of Evil’, and their 2007 eponymous fourth album. The band’s last release ‘Nightmare’ came out in 2010.

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